We are here to support our customers in the industry sector. Our vision is to help the industry to manage, design and development more sustainable and energy-efficient processes and technologies. We are currently providing our solutions and services for pilot projects in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

What we offer to our customers is a great track record designing, implementing and executing pilot tests in British Columbia and Alberta. So far, we have successfully designed, commissioned and ran over 10 pilot project tests. Our proven success relies on strong project management, engineering fundamental and high HSE standard practices.

At Enovist, we work for success. Our unique background allow us to offer integrated applied R&D, feasibility studies, experimental and computational design, data science, engineering design, agile project management, execution, and project commissioning with operators, vendors and contractors. We provide our Clients the necessary leverage to manage and implement more efficient and sustainable processes.

Enovist has conceived a proprietary technology and process for liquid-solid separation. The technology is currently patent pending, still in development phase. The process would offer a reduction of 50% CAPEX and up to 75% OPEX over existing commercial technologies for some of the target applications it has been conceived for.

Enovist technology development is currently at TRL 3-4 and needs further investment to move forward. The new technology/process has applications for dewatering of oilsands tailings, mining tailings, liquid-solid separation in oil and gas midstream operations, and solids control in drilling operations.

In Nov 2018, Enovist Inc. secured funding from a government institution to protect its intellectual property:

  • Filed a provisional patent filed in Feb 2019.
  • Filed a permanent application in Feb 2020.
  • In May 2020, several claims were deemed patentable by the examiner.
  • August 2021 is a deadline to file patents in several countries.

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Our solutions are always developed and implemented to create process improvements while using lean engineering, oriented towards reducing GHG emissions, reducing energy consumption, increase efficiency and recycling natural resources.

During 2019-2020 Enovist was involved in a series of design, implementation, commissioning and running of pilot tests (Pilot Testing Services BC) that merged physical assets (equipment and facilities) with digital technologies (data hubs and data cloud infrastructures), where we were able to leverage the value of continuous data from remote physical locations to an office computer via cloud infrastructures.

Our approach to Technology Development and Pilot Testing is agile. That means, is adaptive, flexible, fast (while safe), and released by incremental steps to reduce the risk and costs of implementation. We have done this again and again and it is a proven methodology that give us a competitive advantage. For additional details on our pilot testing, we just released an article explaining our success proven approach on Agile Pilot Testing.