Energy Transition.

We believe in a cleaner and more sustainable tomorrow. Through extensive experience from applied R&D, to engineering and integrated expertise in EPC management, Enovist Energy Services BC unit is positioned to accelerate the adoption of more sustainable and innovative energy solutions to enable a transition towards a low-carbon economy, what we all now call, the energy transition.

We offer solutions to support the development and construction of LNG infrastructures, reduce CO2 and methane emissions, improving process efficiency and recycling resources, renewable energies and contributing to the circular economy to make the world’s environment better.

We provide a unique offer combining a customized multidiscipline engineering approach with a top notch and flexible technology implementation process, designing and coordinating our developments with excellent technology providers and achieve lean and successful implementations.

Energy Management

The energy transition needs to be supported by the most efficient energy management solutions. While we strive to develop and implement sustainable and renewable energy solutions, we need to manage our energy portfolios to optimize energy use efficiency. We look at every pilot project to produce more with less.

Energy Services BC

Our unique expertise and proven track record in project management for energy related projects allow us to tailor the industry needs to develop and implement sustainable and low carbon intensive energy solutions that are coupled with automated systems and digitally integrated. This will allow to maximize project efficiency while reducing health, safety and environmental (HSE) risks.