Remote and Digital Field – The Digital Transformation 

Continuous, remote and digital monitoring increases the efficiency and improves the value of technology and equipment deployments. Monitoring, data collection and integration are relevant during the implementation and testing stages of new technologies and are key to maximize projects efficiency.

In a recent project, Enovist assisted the implementation and testing of a novel technology in Alberta (Grande Prairie) and BC oil & gas & energy fields, providing both remotely and on-site support. The new technology incorporates unique real-time measurement systems with digitalization, transforming existing assets into digital assets.

The deployments allow data integration systems to be run in harsh and remote environments while collecting actionable data. The data is directed through a data lake infrastructure and it is actionable via data science and machine learning models. This allows real-time process visualization & optimization of the field to maximize production while increasing process efficiency and minimizing operating costs.

We ensure data centric and single source of truth execution models to maximize the efficiency of our customer projects. Full integration with data engineering and data science helps to maximize the value of the data collected.