Engineering and Project Management Services BC.

We offer our industrial customers our expertise to manage and facilitate the design, implementation, testing and adoption of process improvements, more efficient equipment and technologies.

This includes managing and supervising the work of contractors and subcontractors. It is all about the big picture and making sure all the piece are properly connected to efficiently ensure project delivery and maximize value.

Our Project Management Services tasks during the execution lifecycle include:

  • Engineering design, procurement and construction management
  • Multiple contract management, including contractors, sub-contractors, equipment and technology vendors and third party labs
  • Integrated and multidisciplinary engineering management to maximize projects efficiency

Our developments integrate a variety of physical assets/equipment (e.g. pipelines and flow lines, pumps, tanks, separators, single flow and multiphase flow measurement devices, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, gas compressors, choke valves) with digital assets (SCADA and PLC systems) with data lake infrastructures that allow data collection from multiple sources. The data is collected in the cloud in databases that are integrated with visualization and process optimization platforms. Our Project Management Services BC Unit is ready to assist you.

When it comes to deploying a new equipment or technology in the field, some of our services include:

  • Providing on-site and remote equipment installation, commissioning, and testing support
  • Providing support to deploy, integrate and commission data collection systems with SCADA and PLC
  • Digital assets field transformation, using data lake infrastructures to facilitate integration with visualization and process optimization platforms